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Put Your Customer (Experience Team) First

A Walker study found that by the end of 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. TABLE is a CX platform built for customer experience teams who are addressing these changes in a customer-centric world. Embed chat, voice, video, screen share, appointments, payments, agreements, and service workflows natively in your website or app. 

Create conversational Experiences

Customer experience teams can create unique Bot Experiences to help visitors get the information they need or route them to the right Crew. Your Bot can chat with visitors or trigger automated actions including appointments, agreements, and payments directly in the Conversation for a seamless experience.

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Empowering Customer Experience Teams

Create contextual experiences through links you can share anywhere or as Live Chat embedded on your website. Place these links on social media, email campaigns, your website, your app, and more to offer a seamless experience across different channels wherever your customers are.

On-demand service workflows

Provide an amazing customer experience by creating specialized Crews in TABLE. Crews can have custom settings including office hours and areas of expertise to better handle specific customer requests. They can be made available to customers from a button directly in the Conversation, so the right help is just a few clicks away.


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Retail Experience Calendar with Appointment Booking

Easy Appointment Booking

Offer great customer experiences 24/7. Your Bot will help customers book an appointment, even after office hours, that will allow them to connect with the right team members based on their availability.

Multichannel, single interface

Customer experience teams can tell their story using a combination of chat, voice, video, screen sharing, and file sharing. All collaboration features are accessible in the Conversation without any annoying installs or downloads for your Crew or your customers.

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Ready to transform your customer experience?

Connect with our CX Experts and we’ll show you how TABLE’s suite of features can provide a frictionless connection between your customers and your business.

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