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Better Customer Service Requires Frictionless CX

Delight your customers by offering an incredible customer service experience. TABLE Customer Experience (CX) software includes Live Chat, voice and video calls, appointments, and service workflows in a single interface. Conversations are persistent so your service team will always have the right context and your customers will never have to repeat themselves.

Live Chat routing

Always send your customers to the right team member with automated routing. Set up your Bot to ask questions and gather necessary information. Your customers will only be routed to the team members that are currently available and have the right expertise. 

Communication for all customer service types

Sometimes you need more than just chat to solve your customers’ problems. Our multi-feature communication platform makes it easy to switch between chat, voice, video, or screen-sharing so your team can offer the right solution based on your customer’s specific service needs.

Customer Service Video Chat Calls 2x
Customer service appointment booking calendar 2x

Book appointments anytime

Don’t let customers slip away while your teams are unavailable. Your Bot can act as a 24/7 scheduling assistant that can be triggered within the Conversation or shared as a link on social media, emails, and embedded in your website.

Specialized Service Workflows

Provide an amazing customer experience by creating specialized Crews in TABLE. Crews can have custom settings including office hours and areas of expertise to better handle specific customer requests. They can be made available to customers from a button directly in the conversation stream, so the right help is just a few clicks away. 

Customer Service Workflow Routing 2x
Customer Service Persistent Conversations 2x

Persistent conversations​

According to Accenture, “75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, recommends options based on past purchases, OR knows their purchase history.”

Give your customers a frictionless customer service experience every time. With TABLE, customers and their conversations are saved across all channels and devices so they’ll never need to tell their story more than once.

Ready to transform your customer service?

Connect with our CX Experts and we’ll show you how TABLE’s suite of features can provide the level of support that customers will happily share with their friends and family.

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