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Customer Experiences that Increase Sales

Convert more leads into loyal customers and increase sales by providing an exceptional sales experience. Customers will love collaborating with your sales team on a single interface that includes Live Chat, voice, video, screen share, appointments, agreements, and payments.  📈 💰

Increase sales by collaborating with prospects 2x

Collaborate seamlessly with prospects​

Our multi-feature platform powers successful conversions with leads and prospects through every phase of the sales cycle. You can invite team members or experts to collaborate with your prospects on a single chat interface.

Turn emails into sales

Generate more conversions and increase sales by sending the right promotion at the right time. Follow up with prospects and existing customers with hyper-targeted Outbound email campaigns. Your recipients will be able to chat with sales reps instantly or schedule demos with a single click.

Increase sales with personalized emails 2x
Increase sales with video meetings 2x

Instantly switch to video

Effortlessly go from chat to voice to video so you can advance leads through your funnel in a single messenger interface. Use time more efficiently by adding the right team members to video calls in a single click, without having to schedule additional meetings.

Simple appointment scheduling

Automate your scheduling process by allowing leads to book appointments with available sales team members. Embed the calendar within the chat interface or share a link that can be included in email campaigns, social media, or on your website.

Increase Sales with Simple Calendar Appointment Scheduling 2x
Increase Sales with Screen Share Demos 2x

Frictionless sales demos ​

Make demo calls effortless with all the features you need to succeed. With chat, voice, video, and screen-sharing, you can focus on showcasing your product using the right mediums. Best of all, there are no annoying downloads or installs involved for you OR your prospects.

Simple file sharing and agreements

Quickly share files like images, videos, one-pagers, and PDFs to help you sell your products. You can even share Contracts or Terms and Conditions and have the customer accept them within the Conversation for a seamless and convenient experience.


File sharing and signatures 2x
Collect Payments with Stripe Integration 2x

Collect Payments with Stripe​

Businesses who use Stripe process 50% of their total revenue with Stripe. Increase online sales by collecting credit card details securely within the Conversation. Simply connect your Stripe account and your Bot will be able to facilitate payment processes for one-time or recurring payments.

Ready to transform your customer experience?

Connect with our CX Experts and we’ll show you how TABLE’s suite of features can boost sales while providing a frictionless connection between your customers and your business.

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