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Give Your Users a Better SaaS Experience

As a software company ourselves, we know how important it is to get your SaaS experience right. Streamlined Experiences on a conversational interface, one-click screen sharing, easy meeting booking, and advanced data security are a few of our favorite features. Let us show you why.

Embed TABLE anywhere

Add a fully customizable in-app chat Experience to your web and mobile apps while maintaining the look and feel of your brand with our whitelabel platform. Your customers will love being able to get support directly within your product interface. 

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SaaS experience ease of use

Ease of use

It wouldn’t be so great if it were hard to use. TABLE is a centralized app that contains all of our features to improve your SaaS user experience in a single, clean interface. No downloads for your users or hardware for your support team.

A great SaaS experience

Make the entire onboarding process seamless. Go from chat to video to screen sharing in an instant and turn inquiring visitors into engaged audiences without switching devices. Complete the journey with ToC’s and integrated Stripe payments directly in the Conversation. 🙌 💯

SaaS experience screenshare and payment

With CX, Numbers Matter

of executives agreed that successful customer onboarding will ensure long-term customer loyalty.

of consumers list bad customer experience as a primary reason for canceling their subscription.

of people that subscribe to a free trial leave because they can’t understand how to use the product or fail to see the value in the product.

of SaaS providers have increased their spending on customer retention.

SaaS experience multichannel

SaaS Experiences for every channel

Software companies cast a wide net across marketing channels. Provide specific visitors with a captivating experience no matter where they start their journey. Quickly give them the information they want with engaging product content or route leads directly to the right team.

Appointments while you sleep

Use your time efficiently with our automated booking feature. Your 24/7 Bot will help website visitors book appointments so that sales team’s calendars are full of leads the moment they arrive in the morning.

SaaS experience appointments
SaaS experience build vs buy

Build vs Buy?

The great debate. If you have a buggy junk yard of legacy tools that Jerry built before he left to roast organic coffee beans, just know you’re better off with the ‘Buy’ option.

Ready to transform your SaaS experience?

Connect with our CX Experts and we’ll show you how TABLE’s suite of features can help your SaaS company provide a frictionless connection to your customers.

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